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Sensitive Care Prebiotic Rescue Toner

200 ml


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Cleansing tonic for highly sensitive skin that doesn’t require rinsing. This all-in-one solution gently removes makeup, eliminates impurities, tones, and also provides a soothing sensation to skin that shows signs of discomfort, redness, itching or tightness, while respecting the skin microbiome.

Indicated for sensitive, intolerant or comedogenic skin. Suitable for skin that may present cutaneous sensitivity, rosacea, redness, atopic dermatitis, and/or seborrheic dermatitis.
Aloe vera, glycerin

How to use

• Apply to face, neck, eyes, and lips using cotton cleansing discs.
• Does not require rinsing.

Why we love it

• Removes makeup and impurities.
• Tones and refreshes.
• Soothes irritated skin.
• Does not require rinsing with water.
• Suitable for highly sensitivity skin that can get irritated with water.