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Rice Peeling

200 ml


In stock

Gentle rice scrub with grapeseed oil.

Exfoliating scrub with rice starch for face and body. Cleans and absorbs impurities activating cell regeneration. Indicated for all skin types, even for sensitive or irritated skin.
Rice starch, grape seed oil

How to use

• Apply to a clean face or body, and gently massage using circular motions, focusing particularly on areas with excess hyperkeratinization like the nose, forehead, and chin. Remove with water.
• If desired, allow the product to dry and then proceed to use it as a gommage by massaging in circular motions until the product rolls up and falls away from the skin.
• Use once or twice a week.

Why we love it

• Two-in-one peeling: scrub and gommage..
• Provides gentle exfoliation that is suitable even for most sensitive skin..
• Accelerates tissue regeneration, making the skin look youthful and revitalized.