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Hidroelastin Concentrate

6 amp 5 ml

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Firming and moisturizing concentrate

Moisturizing and firming effect.
With capacity to retain water in the tissues at deep level, enables a proper cellular hydration and helps
to maintain and repair the fibrous network, providing firmness
and elasticity to the skin.
Hidroxyprolisilane, Liftine ®, Collagen Peptides, Elastin Peptides.

How to use

Professional use:
• In the cabin treatment. After cleansing and exfoliating, apply 1/2 vial of concentrate to the face, neck and neckline and work it with digitals and slight tapping until its completely absorption.

Why we love it

• They treat specific problems with very specific active
• They contain active ingredients with higher percentages than those in the creams.
• Their benefits for the skin are very well accepted and this type of products are currently very popular.
• They act as intensive skin repairers since they reach where other products cannot penetrate.