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Excellence Hydra Peel

300 gr

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Scrub and enzymatic exfoliating gel.

Removes dead cells and impurities. Provides soft and deep exfoliation without desquamation, offering immediate and long lasting hydration to the skin and making it soft and luminous. Indicated for all skin types with lack of luminosity.
Peelmoist®, cellulose, corundum mineral powder

How to use

• Apply to face and neck, massage gently.
• Leave on for a few minutes for the enzymes to act and then gently massage again.
• Remove with water.
• For better results, warm the skin up with a warm towel before applying the product.
• In case of sensitive skin, do not use in combination with other exfoliants.
• Close the jar tightly after application.

Professional use only.

Why we love it

• Provides deep exfoliation, while hydrating the skin.
• Stimulates cell renewal.
• Effective for skin with signs of aging.