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Trat. Prof. Fac. Effect. Skin Age Revelation

10 ses.

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Anti-aging complete solution

Powerful action against wrinkles, lack of smoothness and nourishment deficiency. Thanks to its main active ingredients, Colloidal Gold + Caviar + Pearl Powder + Hyaluronic Acid, this treatment acts on the heart of the cells to restore skin alterations and reverse the signs of aging.
For professional use
10 sessions

How to use

• Apply the concentrate all over the face by gentle tapping until completely absorbed.

Why we love it

• Stimulates cell renewal, attenuating the wrinkles. The skin gets smoother, softer, brighter and more flexible.
• Treats and decreases the sagging of the skin, activating the cell metabolism.
• Redensification and reshaping.
• Helps to significantly reduce the appearance of multiple signs of aging.
• Prevents and protects against oxidative stress