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Effectivity Caviar & Pearl Specific Concentrate



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Rejuvenating intensive concentrate

Ultra concentrate with a fluid texture and with an intense rejuvenating action that restores and maintains the lost elasticity, hydration and nourishment. Also, it stimulates the epidermal renewal and helps to repair the changes of the skin affected by aging.
Caviar Extract, Pearl Powder, Fucogel®, PARABEN FREE / MINERAL OILS FREE.

How to use

• Apply the concentrate all over the face by gentle tapping until completely absorbed.

Why we love it

• Stimulates cell renewal, attenuating the wrinkles. The skin gets smoother, softer, brighter and more flexible.
• Treats and decreases the sagging of the skin, activating the cell metabolism.
• Redensification and reshaping.
• Helps to significantly reduce the appearance of multiple signs of aging.
• Prevents and protects against oxidative stress