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C-L Firming Cream

200 ml

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Firming body cream with marine collagen and organic silicon.

It tightens, firms and improves resilience of the skin, preventing wrinkles, sagging and flaccidity, which makes it ideal for areas prone to muscle atonia, such as neck, cleavage, abdomen, arms and legs. Thanks to its nourishing properties, it is also suitable for massage.

Indicated for all skin types that require firming or as a prevention of firmness loss.
Centella Asiatica, organic silicon, collagen peptides, horsetail extract, ivy extract

How to use

• Apply it to the whole body, especially to the areas with more flaccidity, massage with upward movements until it is totally absorbed.
• Use daily, morning and/or night.

Why we love it

• Tightens body skin.
• Prevents skin sagging, especially in areas prone to it.
• Nourishes and renews the skin.