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anubismed ASB Skin Brightening Cocktail Pack

5amp x 10ml

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Brightening cocktail that lightens the skin tone, eliminates pigmentation, makes the skin soft, smooth, and radiant.


• Eliminates hyperpigmentation
• Reduces tyrosinase activity
• Prevents further occurrence of pigmentation
• Illuminates localized blemishes
• Evens out the skin tone
• Smoothes the skin texture

The product will be a real find for those with hyperpigmentation as it quickly and effectively evens out the tone, eliminates post-acne marks, and provides an antioxidant and restorative effect.

Arbutin, vitamins (B3, C), minerals, antioxidants, oligopeptides, polypeptides

How to use

• Cleanse and lotion the skin with the most appropriate Anubis cleanser and toner suitable for your client's skin.
• Disinfect the skin with AnubisMed Skin Preparer.
• Work each area with the Brightening cocktail.
• After finishing the treatment, apply a calming mask such as AnubisMed Post Repair Calming Mask or Sensitive Care Prebiotic Mask.
• Apply HA+ Hyaluronic Cream, followed by sunscreen.
*Number and frequency of treatments should be determined by a professional based on client's needs.

Why we love it

• Visible reduction of pigmentation and more even skin tone after one use.
• Antioxidant and revitalizing action.
• Illuminated tone and smooth texture of the skin.