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Algas Rojas Concentrate (1 Amp)

1 amp 10 ml

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Anti-cellulite reducing concentrate with red seaweed, caffeine and forskolin.

Exercises highly-focused action on fat cells accelerating the process of lipolysis and promoting lymphatic drainage. Drains, detoxifies and nourishes the tissue repairing its dysfunctions, redensifying the dermis and combating the ‘orange peel’ skin.

Treats cellulite in three phases:

1) Fragments fat nodules to facilitate their removal.
2) Accelerates the metabolism of fragmented fats.
3) Modulates fat formation.
Arginine, caffeine, algae extract, forskolin, collagen peptides, ruscus extract, blueberry extract

How to use

• Apply on the affected area (abdomen, thighs, buttocks or arms) and work the product with circular and upward movements until completely absorbed.
• For greater results, pair with the CL Emulsion that should be applied before physical activity, and Algas Rojas Cream.


• Contains organic iodine.

Why we love it

• Activates microcirculation and toxin drainage.
• Fragments the fat nodules, accelerating their metabolism.
• Provides exceptional resistance to the connective tissue, improving smoothness and firmness.