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7 Days Shock Treatment – Anti-Aging & Lifting

7amp. x 1,5 ml


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Intensive 1-week anti-aging and lifting treatment without injections.

Includes 7 concentrates with rejuvenating action that stimulate epidermal renewal and help repair the effects of aging. Suitable for all skin types showing signs of aging, especially for dehydrated, combination-dry, hyper-pigmented, or sun-exposed skin.

This treatment is ideal ahead of important events, seasonal changes, or simply every time the skin needs quick rejuvenation to recover elasticity, firmness, and nourishment loss.

Ampoules included: Glyco Peeling, Ferulic, Botox-Like, Matrikine.

• Glyco Peeling: glycolic acid. • Ferulic: ferulic acid, ascorbic acid, DMAE. • Botox-Like: BoNT-L (Botox-Like), Syn-Ake®. • Matrikine: Matrixyl®, trylagen®.

How to use

• Use 1 ampoule each day, for 7 consecutive days, in the order indicated on the box.
• Day 1: on cleansed skin, apply the Glyco Peeling vial to face, neck and décolleté. Apply in the evening of the first day. Never apply during sun exposure.
• Day 2-7: Apply the remaining vials to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning, tapping lightly until completely absorbed.

Shake before use.

Why we love it

• Attenuates signs of aging in a quick way.
• Boosts collagen synthesis for more elastic, firmer skin.
• Provides luminosity and vitality to the skin.
• Helps eliminate expression lines and reduce wrinkles.